About Wilson Tarquin

Wilson Tarquin are a claims management company located in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Founded in 2009, we have a decade of experience in helping people like you claim back what is rightfully yours.

Unfortunately, major financial institutions, as well as lesser-known high street lenders, have not always sought to act in the best interest of their customers and have not always treated them fairly. This means that you may have been mis-sold a multitude of financial products.

Wilson Tarquin will seek to recover all unfair fees and charges you had to pay, any premiums you paid on unsuitable products, and in addition to this, will claim for a further 8% statuary interest for the years you held the accounts.

Payment Protection Insurance
  • Better known as PPI, this was intended to help customers cover the cost of their repayments on finances if they became unemployed or were unable to work due to sickness. It was often added to customers finances without their knowledge or the policies did not actually cover them. Have you ever had any credit cards, store cards, loans, catalogues, overdrafts or mortgages?
Packaged Bank Accounts
  • These are bank accounts that you pay a monthly fee for. You often receive benefits such as mobile phone insurance, travel insurance and car breakdown cover. Unfortunately, the banks don’t always check that you would be eligible for the additional benefits or they entice you to open a fee-paying account by offering better rates on loans or insinuating you will get a bigger overdraft. Have you ever paid a fee for your bank account?

You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint, and if your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free. Further information can be found on their website here: https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Important News Regarding Your PPI Claims

Wilson Tarquin has made the decision to cease processing PPI claims and from 13th December 2021 will no longer be authorised to represent you for a financial mis selling claim. This includes any currently active claims or any potentially new claims you may have in the future.

We will be informing your lender, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) of our position, but rest assured, they are obliged by the FCA to continue to investigate all your active claims and communicate with you directly regarding their progress and outcome.

We will continue to represent you up until 13th December 2021, and the terms of our engagement with you will remain in place until this date has passed. You can continue with the claims yourself after this date, and any successful outcome you receive that results in redress being paid to you after 13th December 2021 will incur no fee whatsoever from Wilson Tarquin Ltd. All relevant documentation that relates to your active claims will be provided to you by 16th December.

You are not obliged to use the services of another firm, however if you do, you are required to use one which carries on regulated claims management activity to pursue your claim. It is possible for you to present your claim yourself for free, either to the lender against whom you wish to complain or to the statutory ombudsman or a statutory compensation scheme (the FOS or FSCS). If you do wish to use an alternative Claims Management Company to continue with your claim, you can search the register for a firm of your choosing at register.fca.org.uk or sra.org.uk

If you have any questions regarding your active claims, or the process we have outlined above, please contact us using the details on our website.